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 . Benny .

 . Benny .  . Benny .  . Benny .
  • American
  • Spayed/Neutered
Benny is an energetic, healthy, 8-year-old male bunny. He has great litter box habits and is accustomed to free run of the house. He doesn't always know whether to hold his ears up or helicopter his way around. He loves to play and will entertain you with big bunny binkies during playtime. He enjoys his afternoon naps and mealtime. He's been in good health for his entire life and he's ready to live the rest of his life in his forever home. Will you be that home for him?
Adult, Male, Medium
 . Divot .

 . Divot .  . Divot .  . Divot .
  • New Zealand
  • Spayed/Neutered
Wow - there is so much to say about Divot, where do we start? She is a gorgeous, white 9.5 pound New Zealand rabbit who is full of personality! She loves to explore her surroundings when it is playtime but she will also sit still for hours to be petted. She's a sweet girl who will follow her people around as if she were a puppy, not a rabbit! Always there to greet someone at the front of her pen, she likes people as much as she likes food and playtime. A true entertainer, she will do well with a family who has time to spend with her and enjoy her continued antics. She is a joy to be around!
Adult, Female, Large
 . Ivy & Dill .

 . Ivy & Dill .  . Ivy & Dill .  . Ivy & Dill .
  • Silver Marten, Florida White
  • Spayed/Neutered
Meet Ivy and Dill! Ivy is a 2 year old Silver Marten and Dill, Florida White, is her 5 month old son. Both are spayed and neutered and ready for adoption. They are already bonded so if you are looking for a pair, this one is all ready for you! Ivy and Dill have sweet personalities, they love playtime and Dill follows his mom Ivy around a lot - it's adorable to watch! They love to be with humans (as long as all four paws are on the floor) and they are comfortable with cats as well. If you'd like to meet this adorable pair, please contact us at [email protected] for more information!
Young, Female, Small
 . Willow .

 . Willow .  . Willow .  . Willow .
  • Californian
  • Spayed/Neutered
Willow is a delight! She is a friendly bunny who loves human interaction. She is young and needs a lot of free playtime! She is a smart bunny whose antics always make her foster mom laugh at the new things she gets into!
Young, Female, Medium
 . Wolfie .

 . Wolfie .  . Wolfie .  . Wolfie .
  • Lionhead, English Spot
  • Spayed/Neutered
Hello - I'm Wolfie and I'm kinda the cutest bunny around, aren't I? Not only that but I'm a gentle and sweet guy, I love being petted but also love playtime and my favorite thing is tossing my toys around, especially ones that make noise! I like to show off my great personality to all who meet me - are you interested in meeting me so I can show off for you too?

Note: I do have cloudy retinas which make me scan my surroundings a lot, especially those that I'm not familiar with but I lead a normal bunny life otherwise. And I have a special diet so I will need to go to a home with someone who has some previous bunny experience.

Adult, Male, Medium
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