Bunnies United Network - House Rabbit Society of Illinois
Shroom being nice to Lowell


Our mission as the House Rabbit Society chapter in Illinois is to educate rabbit owners and assist area shelters by providing rabbit publications, email consultations and educational events. We also assist area shelters with fostering needs, socializing rabbits and providing volunteer support for rabbit programs. We feel that increased education will reduce the number of unwanted rabbits in shelters as owners learn more about how to care for and bond with their rabbits.

We have a few of our furry friends who are looking for forever homes. Maybe we can make a match?

If you live in the Chicagoland area, come volunteer some of your time with our hippity hoppity friends

It makes wallet lighter, and you feel better about it! Every dollar makes a big difference in the lives of our bunnies.

Become a member and/or sign up for your monthly recurring payment of $15 or more and receive free gifts!

Review veterinarians we have used for our foster rabbits, are listed as an Association of Exotic Animal Veterinarians (AEAV) member, or have been recommended to us based on personal experience.

Your rabbits will be healthier, live longer, make better companions, stop obnoxious behavior, won’t contribute to overpopulation, and can safely have a friend to play with.

This section of our site is dedicated to those pets who have enriched our lives and hold a special place in our hearts always, no matter where they are today.