Review veterinarians we have used for our foster rabbits, are listed as an Association of Exotic Animal Veterinarians (AEAV) member, or have been recommended to us based on personal experience.

Your rabbits will be healthier, live longer, make better companions, stop obnoxious behavior, won’t contribute to overpopulation, and can safely have a friend to play with.

Rabbit Appropriate Fresh Foods (based on diet information of Susan Brown, DVM) - Green Foods, and Treat Foods (Fruits and Other Vegetables)

Since these items do not make up the majority of the diet, we recommend feeding these treats in limited quantities.

Brushing, Nails, and the Dos and Donts of Rabbit Grooming


Hay is an important part of a house rabbit’s diet. Many rabbit references suggest timothy hay but in reality there are a number of grass hays that can give your rabbit a variety of tastes, textures and nutrients.