Bunnies United Network, the Illinois Chapter of the National House Rabbit Society, is dedicated to improving the lives of rabbits’ in our area and creating a rabbit community where adopters can come together to learn more about rabbits and socialize with other rabbit owners. We also provide support to shelters through our volunteer work by socializing and fostering rabbits. The benefits of a BUN membership include:

  • Members-only discounts to our BUN Binky Hour events
  • Yearly Newsletter
  • 1 free nail trim for your rabbit
  • Opportunities to get involved with BUN
  • Helping rabbits

When you join BUN, you give something to rabbits, but you also get something in return.

Member Discounts:  Members will receive discounted rates to BUN events throughout the year such as our Binky Hour where rabbits get together to socialize.

Yearly Newsletter:  Our newsletter is sure to include plenty of information you won’t want to miss. We will provide updates on our progress and ways that you have helped rabbits with your support. We will also have informative articles, rabbit stories and plenty of bunny photos.

Opportunities to get involved:  As we plan our events throughout the year, rescue rabbits, assist shelters and provide support to rabbit owners, we are sure to need your help and we always welcome volunteers.

You’ll be helping rabbits. You’ll have the satisfaction of helping to save house rabbits in the our area. Your membership truly counts!

Select Your Membership Type:

By Check:
Bunnies United Network
PO Box 5561
Naperville, IL 60567

Become a Love-A-BUN member:
We invite you to join a very special group of donors: our Love-A-BUN donation club. These members have made a commitment to donate to BUN on a monthly basis, ensuring that we can provide veterinary and daily care to rabbits in need each and every month. If you choose to donate $20 or more per month, you will receive all of the benefits of membership, the opportunity to name a future foster rabbit and a rabbit grocery tote bag (sent within 60 days of signup) created by the wonderful artist Lily Williams (https://lilywilliamsart.com)!

Tote Bag

Payment Options
Name of Bunny

Sponsor a BUN:
Have you always wanted to name a foster rabbit? Now is your chance! We have a new option to Sponsor a BUN which will give you the opportunity to name a foster bunny while helping us defray some of the costs of care for that bunny. We look forward to seeing what name you come up with

Sponsor A BUN
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