Laur and Monty
* Laureen Dzadovsky, Director

When I first offered to foster a bunny back in 2008, I thought for sure that it would be something I’d help out with temporarily and then promptly move on. But once I was in, I was ALL in. I fostered a Florida White rabbit with pink eyes and fell in love with her the minute her paws stepped into my home. I then decided to adopt her and a bunny friend she had made at the shelter and got my first lesson on bonding rabbits. It was a great experience for me and since then, I’ve committed my time and energy into volunteering with rabbits. I have fostered many rabbits and currently share my home with 3 of my own rabbits, 2 cats and a bearded dragon (they all get along very well)! Getting to know the wonderful personalities of each bunny that has entered my home, either permanently or temporarily, has brought me to this point of starting an organization that will hopefully help many rabbits in the years to come.


* Suzanne Holtz, Director


Lisa for Website
* Lisa von Pechmann, Community Liaison

I have lived with rabbits for over thirty years. The first one was necessitated by living in an apartment with a lease that said, “no cats or dogs”. I was immediately in love! She lived for over 12 years, the last couple years being paralyzed. She lived in a big basket that I could carry around to different locations, and she would even watch the Bulls playoff with my husband and the family dog. That was when I first learned about alternative practices, at that time it was acupuncture and chiropractic. I had more I wanted to learn, so I studied Chinese Medicine and animal massage.

About seven years ago I started volunteering at a local animal shelter to work with the rabbits. For the last few years I have been at the same shelter using my massage and acupressure skills for rabbits and dogs. Through the shelter I met more people who love and live with rabbits, and that led to knowing the BUN people.

I now live with two rabbits and three Labrador Retrievers. They teach us so much!


* Judy Robertson, Foster Coordinator


* Tina Brandt, Fundraising Coordinator