Fruits and other vegetables make great treat foods

Rabbit Eats VeggiesSince these items do not make up the majority of the diet, we recommend feeding these treats in limited quantities. Another reason for limiting the amount is because some rabbits like these foods so well that they will eat  them to the exclusion of all others (bunny junk food!!), thereby creating a  potential for health problems. Foods from this group can be fed daily and  you may even wish to use them as part of a reward or training system.

These treat foods are far healthier (and less expensive) that the  commercial treat foods sold for rabbits. Commercial treat foods should generally be avoided because many are loaded with starch and fat and if fed in quantity can cause serious health problems. Read the label on any treat food to make sure the ingredients are not primarily based on grains. Sticking to natural and healthy treats for your pet is a better alternative.

Dried fruit can be used as well, but since it is so concentrated, use only one third the amount as fresh. Instead of one tablespoon use one teaspoon. We do not recommend feeding bananas and grapes as rabbits sometimes become “addicted” to these foods. If you chose to feed them, watch your pet carefully to ensure that he is also eating sufficient quantities of green foods and hay.

Ernie looks for his treat in his Bunny IQ toy  Ernie Treat Toy