Hay Doesn’t Need To Be Boring! 
HayHay is an important part of a house rabbit’s diet. Many rabbit references suggest timothy hay but in reality there are a number of grass hays that can give your rabbit a variety of tastes, textures and nutrients. Locating a good hay source and selecting quality hay is important. The quality and texture of hay will vary throughout the season depending on harvest time and weather.

Mixed grass hay is the most economical and is a great litter box filler. Most rabbits love to dig through it and select the choicest tidbits in the mix. It can be purchased by the bale at local feed stores.  However, there are several other types of grass hay available in stores or by mail order.  To give your rabbit some variety, why not try meadow grass, orchard grass, mountain grass, Bermuda grass or oat hay? Varying the type of hay in the diet makes life more interesting and introduces more nutrients into your rabbit’s diet.

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